Q&A: Promote Your Book By Getting Featured In Well Known Publications

How Do I Get My Book Featured?

One big question that always comes up in my conversations with authors about book marketing is “how can I get my content i.e; books, blogs, and ideas published by well-know publications?”

Also, according to some of my top clients, some of whom are 7, and 8 figure authors:

They reported that getting their message into mainstream publications was a huge part of getting book sales and their overall success in 2018.”

Therefore, I’ve set out on a path in 2019 to find out the best way for you to get published, recognized and sell more books this year.

My first stop is talking to how-to-get published mastermind, Dorie Clark.

Dorie Clark

Dorie Clark, adjunct professor at Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business, recognized branding expert by Fortune, Associated Press, and Inc.

Dorie is also the Author of Entrepreneurial You (Harvard Business Review Press,), Reinventing You, and Stand Outwhich was named the #1 Leadership Book of 2015 by Inc. magazine and one of the Top 10 Business Books of the Year by Forbes.

She’s been published in Forbes, Business Harvard Review, Inc., Entrepreneur, Huffpost, Fast Company, and Business Insider, and many other mainstream publications.

Dorie’s Publishing Playbook

Therefore, Dorie knows her way around getting her content published in mainstream publications where millions can see.

In my recent interview with Dorie she revealed to me, her publishing playbook that she’s used to be one of the most published influencers that I’ve ever spoken with.”

Dorie’s playbook is gonna set your content on fire and make it the cornerstone of book sales and your brand this year!

So keep reading and let’s do this!

Questions I Ask:

  • What are the special advantages of getting your content published in a mainstream publication?
  • What is the Ladder Strategy and how can we use it to get published?
  • If your full time job isn’t writing how do you get published in mainstream publications like Forbes, Huffpost, or Entrepreneur.com, to name a few?

Shaun: What are the special advantages of publishing your content in a mainstream publication?”

Dorie: It’s a great thing to post it in your own channels, your LinkedIn, Medium, or your blog. 

But there is a special benefit that comes from publishing it in a mainstream publication that people have heard of.

First of all it’s likely to get more eyeballs on it because they already have a pre-existing audience that might discover you.

Second, you get the so-called social proof i.e; the credibility that attach’s to you because we say “Shaun’s been published in Forbes, or Shaun’s been published in this, and that.”

Shaun: If your full time job isn’t writing how do you get published in mainstream publications like Forbes, Huffpost, or Entrepreneur.com, just to name a few?

Dorie: It’s a process but this is where the Ladder Strategy comes in. 

The very first thing you do, you create some posts and put them on your own channels. 

Nobody wants to publish you if you’ve never written anything before.

But then you start the process of moving up the ladder.

If the only place that you’ve written is on your own blog than it’s going to be hard to break into national publications but you start thinking, what’s the next rung?

It’s sort of like in baseball, you might start with the single a team, then you go to the double a team, then the triple a team, and then oh my gosh, you’re ready for the majors.

Shaun: If your full time job isn’t writing how do you get published in mainstream publications like Forbes, Huffpost, or Entrepreneur.com, to name a few?

Dorie: In the case of regular people and blogging, maybe my first move is that my company has a newsletter.

Maybe it’s my local town newspaper I can publish something in. 

You get that credit and then you say, what’s next?

Maybe it’s in your city there’s a journal for your industry, or a regional newspaper. 

You are steadily, and incrementally moving up and each time you are pitching them and you are moving up and I’ve been published in a, b, and c.

If you can make it easy for them because essentially you are saying “hey I’ve been pre-vetted by all of these other publications that you have heard of. 

Even if they are lower down on the ladder it at least shows at a very basic level that you have checked off the boxes.


This was an informative little interview that I had with Dorie Clark on how to get your stuff published in mainstream publications in 2019!

As I mentioned some of my clients who are 7 and 8 figure authors reported that getting their content published in mainstream publications was core to book sales and their overall success in 2018.

To set your content on fire by getting published and recognized in main stream publications remember to use Dorie Clark’s “Ladder Strategy” that she talked about in our interview.