3 Ways To Rank Your Book On Amazon To Sell More

How can you sell more books on Amazon?

Are you familiar with Amazon Rank and how it works?

If you are on Amazon, you know that increasing rank is the biggest pain of your existence.

Now, I’m going to tell you a little story that’s relevant to the factors of Amazon rank that help you sell more books…

There is a little Cafe in the little town that we are staying in by the Pacific Ocean in the Vancouver Area up here in Canada.

What I find interesting about this little Cafe is that it’s really busy.

When it’s really nice out and the Farmers Market is running on Wednesday evenings this little 30 seat cafe is a buzz of activity with cyclists, motorcyclists, local families, tourists, and shoppers.

You can’t find a seat in this little cafe, which can be annoying as I like to have a little space and quiet versus the big crowds.

That’s why we like living in little towns.

The sales this little cafe does on one of these Wednesday nights is way above the daily sales volume that a cafe of this size would experience in a small town of 5,000 people.

Heck, the numbers they do on these night are probably comparable to sales volumes in a cafe in the nearby, biggest city, Vancouver with a population of over 640,000 people.

There are multiple factors that make Wednesday nights the biggest sales numbers of the week for this little unassuming cafe.

Word-of-mouth Marketing

A big driver of sales, and probably the #1 marketing strategy for them is word of mouth by other customers whom have visited the cafe.

When thinking about selling more books on Amazon there are also factors that drive traffic to your book that increase sales of your books like word of mouth, of course on Amazon, that’s done through reviews.”

So, what do you think is one of the biggest factors to driving sales on Amazon for your book? Reviews!

However, reviews on Amazon do more then provide word-of-mouth marketing to other buyers, it also increases visibility on Amazon when people are searching for similar topics to your book i.e; it improves your rank.


Also in this little cafe, what do you think is the biggest reason for these big sales volumes, outside of word-of-mouth marketing from local supporters in the community?

Well, in this little Cafe they post flyers, and posters promoting the Farmers Market on Wednesday nights.

They also tell their customers that they are open late on Wednesday nights.

What they are doing here is pre-selling…

So, guess what one of the best ways to position your book for success when you first put it on Amazon is?


Therefore, here’s the 3 tips I’m going to give you today on how you can rank your book on amazon to sell more even if it’s a little ole indie book from a little ole author:

  • 1. Amazon Rank: How Amazon Makes You Book Sales
  • 2. How To Pre-Sell Your Book
  • 3. Sell More By Getting Book Reviews

1. Amazon Rank: How Amazon Makes You Book Sales

I hate getting all techy talking about algorithms but it’s important to understand how Amazon’s algorithm works because playing nice on Amazon means more sales.”

Publishers Don’t Know How Amazon Works

Even if you have a great self publishing company that did a stellar job helping you polish up and format your manuscript for multiple online outlets, or secure your ISBN, and copyright your book…”

They are not experts in book marketing on Amazon.

Amazon Is A Search Engine

Have you ever searched something on Google?

It’s simple enough, enter what your looking for and you are brought to a page with websites that give you information on what you searched.

Are you with me?

Well, Amazon works in much the same way as Google as they are both search engines.

Now, have you ever searched something on Amazon?

You search “books for cats” and you get books for cats just like Google, right?

You still with me?

If I lost you at search engines, I may not be able to help you…

That was a little joke, of course I can help you, and don’t worry I’m going to explain how you can increase your Amazon rank easily, if you keep reading.

On Amazon, which is a great benefit of selling your book there, you can optimize your book listing based on what people are searching.”

This is the basics of how Google and Amazon work.

Therefore, how can we increase rank to make our listing show up to those who are searching for topics related to our book on Amazon?

Through pre-selling and getting reviews, silly…just like I mentioned.

Let me get into pre-selling first, and then reviews…

As you keep reading you will see how both these goals can be accomplished through a single campaign that you can easily understand, and implement for your books.

2. How To Pre-Sell Your Book

If you are an established author then you may be familiar with the idea of pre-selling your book.

However, if you aren’t a published author who’s never had a book deal, the concept of selling your book before you publish it, might seem daunting to you.

On a quick Google search, right now, I entered “tips to pre-sell on Amazon” and this article popped up from Author Marketing Experts “5 Tips for Working Amazon Pre-Order into Your Book Marketing.”

According to this article, they say the best time to do a pre-sell strategy for a book is when you are an established author.

Pre-selling Works For All Authors

However, I’ve seen both new and known authors use a pre-sell strategy to successfully increase their visibility and sales by increasing their Amazon Rank.

Now, this leads me into a campaign that I’m going to walk you through that will help you sell books no matter if you are a known author, or you’re reading this article because you want your first book to be profitable.

ARC Campaign

According to Book Bub, in their article “17 Ways to Sell Preorder Books You Need to See” they say that a pre-selling strategy can “help build buzz and momentum for a new book.”

I couldn’t agree more because this is also a strategy that I’ve used for clients who are first time authors, promoting their first book.

Bestselling Authors Pre-Sell

I also see this strategy being used by bestselling authors, like one of my favourites, Michael Hyatt, uses ARC campaigns with his recent book releases…

I’ve also seen Amazon’s top 10 Bestselling authors, according to Amazon Author Rank at the time of this writing, use pre-sell campaigns like this one that I’m going to show you here today.

Authors like the following:

  • James Patterson
  • J.K Rowling
  • Mike Omer
  • James Swain

Now that we known how an ARC campaign can help increase the rank of your book by pushing sales and reviews let’s look at how you can put one together for your book.

Let’s jump into a pre-sell campaign that’s known as ARC, which stands for Advanced Review Copy.

This is a fancy term for giving people a copy of your book before it’s released.

Why would a campaign like this work?

If you aren’t a well known author, you can target buyers of bestselling books that are similar to yours in your genre.”

For example, James Patterson’s most recent fictional work, at the time of me writing this “The President Is Missing: A Novel…”

This book, like the title says, is about the president of the United States going missing.

Therefore, if you wrote a non-fiction book about the actual historical events of a US president that went missing, that inspired the book, then you could probably sell this to customers who bought James Patterson’s novel.

This would be an easy sell.

Like selling water to someone in a desert…

Or selling 3d glasses at a 3D movie, right?

Get my drift?

So, how can you set up an ARC campaign like this to leverage your book?

3. Sell More By Getting Book Reviews

To take it a step further and to get into the meat and potatoes of how an ARC pre-sell campaign like this works, and how you can easily implement, keep reading…

So, the whole thing with Amazon Rank is that it’s called the Amazon Bestseller’s Rank (ABSR), as I’ve mentioned in my other articles, and the name of the game is to increase that rank”

Increasing ABSR means more sales.

Amazon has certain book metrics that it uses to reward a higher ABSR.

Getting A Good Review Grade

Such as review grade, which is a grade out of 5 based on your ratio of sales to reviews for your book.

If you get a 100 sales and no reviews you will have a review grade of 0, while if you have 10 reviews for 100 sales, you might get a review grade of 4.

Of course, this is decided by robots…kind of like this guy, not an actual person.

Therefore, from my experiences working with Amazon’s ranking system, you need to be able to target buyers who leave reviews of books that are similar to yours.

This would provide a good ratio of reviewers to buyers, and is a campaign that I recommend always running, if you are looking at improving and maintaining your Review Grade while you make sales.

For example, as I mentioned James Patterson’s most recent fictional work “The President Is Missing: A Novel…”

You could just have a look at the reviews for the “The President Is Missing: A Novel” and try to contact the reviewers individually.

However, what if a tool existed where you could magically get all the email and social media contacts of reviewers of competitor books.

Well, a tool like that does exist and it’s called AMZ Discover.

Step-By-Step To Targeting Buyers Who Leave Reviews

1. Head over to AMZ Discover and download the tool.

2. After you get the tool, login.

3. Now, head over to Amazon.com, I’m going to use James Patterson’s book as a sample book. Let’s say this is a competitor book based on the theme of our book.

4. Head over to AMZ discover and select “Search” and enter in the link for the book:

5. It might take some time for the tool to complete the search…

6. When it’s done the search click “Check” then it will send you to a screen that will show you the reviewers contacts.

7. There should be a box to the right of the contact that you can check, scroll down and select all the reviewers that you’d like to purchase…

8. Then click “purchase all selected buyers.”

9. Then click “contacts” in the main menu…

10. If you see the left hand column there’s a headline that says “ASIN” you can click that and set your contacts up in different segments. I like to segment by plot line for fiction books, as an example…

I like to segment by keywords for non-fiction like “Amazon Book Marketing” or “Public Relations” or whatever…

Now this process gives us a list of buyers/reviewers that we can target via email.

I’d recommend doing this process for a 100 books or so to get 500 – 1,000 contacts that you can message.

Email Marketing To Target Reviewers

I like to send emails to reviewers through gmail, as it’s more personalized, which I found from my experiences with my author clients to produce better response rates.

Email Template For Buyer/Reviewers

Here’s an email template that you can use.

Subject: I think you will also like this book

“Hey [Insert name], 

I hope you’re well! I noticed that you read and left a review for [ insert book title ] .

You left a review for [ insert book title ] because it’s [ insert keyword based on genre i.e coming of age, or historical fiction, etc ] I thought you might also read and leave a review of my upcoming book “[insert book here]”

[insert some features here of why your book is like the book they reviewed]

If you buy my book before it’s release, this will help my performance on Amazon.

Therefore, I’d like to offer you an advanced copy of my book for free.

However, to do so you would need to purchase my book here [Amazon presell link] and provide a review by September 26th, 2018.

Once you leave the review, email us the name you used for the review, and your Amazon book receipt and we’ll send you your rebate via email in the form of an Amazon Ebate.

kind regards,

– your name”

With an email like this, I’ve seen 10-15% overall response rates depending on the book, the author, and the category your targeting.

If you run this campaign over the next few months, you should expect to see some sales, and reviews. For best results, always run a “Review Grade Campaign” alongside other tactics.


The key to increasing Amazon Rank to increase visibility and sales is by having a pre-sell strategy that
targets buyers who’ve left reviews for your competitors books.

The key to success with your Review Grade Campaigns is by understanding the three topics we covered in this article:

  • Amazon Rank: How Amazon Makes You Sales
  • How To Pre-Sell Your Book/li>
  • Sell More By Getting Book Reviews

Also, if you follow this Review Grade Campaign process for your book, that I covered, you will improve your overall Amazon Bestsellers Rank, and increase sales.

Please reference this article when you implement this strategy for your book.