Eps #1 Dorie Clark: How To Develop Content Rapidly That Gets Published

  • 2:15 How you can shave hours off writing your book, or content like blog posts?
  • 2:55 How to breakthrough the 3 common blocks of writing content
  • 5:08 How the “ladder strategy” can be used to get your content published more often, and in well-known media outlets like Forbes
  • 10:00 How to get access to Dorie’s Rapid Content Creation class, and other writing and other resources offered by Dorie

The biggest, biggest, biggest topic that comes up in every conversation that I’ve had over the last year with author clients, and followers of Authors On Fire has been content marketing.

According to Forbes, the content marketing industry will be worth $412bn by 2021!

Therefore, it’s imperative that you we can rapidly create content for our books, and businesses, that’s engaging, educational, and gets published.

This Week’s Guest

Which brings me to this week’s podcast guest, her name is Dorie Clark and she’s a personal branding strategist and according to the New York Times…

“Dorie Clark is an expert at self-reinvention and helping others make changes in their lives.”

– New York Times

Dorie has also been a contributor, and has been featured in Harvard Business Review, Forbes, Huffpost, Inc., Entrepreneur, Time, The New York Times, and is the author of Entrepreneurial You. A book focused on teaching you how to Monetize Your Expertise, Create Multiple Income Streams, and Thrive.

Dorie worked as a journalist a number of years ago under tight deadlines.

Dorie says tight deadlines is all the motivation you need to avoid getting writers block.

In-fact, Dorie says writers block is a common mental block we create ourselves that limits our ability to consistently write compelling, and shareable content.

Getting Through Writers Block

Dorie has spent a large portion of her career coaching others through mental blocks just like writers block.

She’s got some great advice to breakthrough these blocks that are stopping us from creating great content.

Breaking Through With Rapid Content Creation

Entrepreneurial You by Dorie Clark

The questions I’ve received are mostly around how you can break through the barriers to developing engaging, relevant content marketing for our books this year.

Dorie’s going to tell us how, with her ideas on Rapid Content Creation, how you consistently create fast, making it engaging, and getting it published!

Dorie has also been a contributing authors to Harvard Business Review, Forbes, Huffpost, Inc., Entrepreneur, and is the recent author of Entrepreneurial You.

Inc. magazine called Entrepreneurial You (Harvard Business Review Press)

“one of the most important business books of 2017,” and you can order it via Amazon or Barnes & Noble or Google Play.

– Inc. magazine

Resources From This Episode

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