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There's Only One Way To Sell A Million Copies And This Is It...

By Learning from those who have like my upcoming podcast guests

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Want to get your content published in mainstream publications?

Learn how to get your content published from Dorie Clark, who the New York Times called "an expert at self-reinvention and helping others make changes in their lives."

Or do you want to learn from those who've already leveraged their books to build the businesses, and lives they want?

You can, by joining me, Shaun Hibbs, on the Authors On Fire Podcast, as I uncover how my guests have sold over 10,000,000+ copies combined of their books...

So you can start pouring gasoline on your book marketing this year and set your book, business, and life on fire.

Some Upcoming Guests 

Dorie Clark: How To Develop Content Rapidly That Gets Published 

Dorie Clark is the bestelling author of "Entrepreneurial You" and has been featured in Inc., Forbes, Entrepreneur, The Wall Street Journal, etc. She's gonna teach you how to create content quickly and how to get published in major publications, just as she has. 

Kare Anderson: How To Be An Opportunity Maker And Live The Life...

Kare Anderson is a former Emmy Award Winning WSJ, and NBC reporter, and current Forbes columnist. Kare brings a wealth of knowledge on how we can be opportunity makers by being open to others mutual points of interest. 

Start Learning From Those Who've
Sold Over 10,000,000+ copies...

and pour gasoline on your book marketing to catch 

your books, business, and life on fire

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