Do you want to sell more books? Leverage your personal author brand by building a social media following, or an online platform…

Or maybe you want to write a book to leverage yourself as a consultant, to generate leads, or produce another revenue stream.

You are thinking “Yes, yes, and more yes!”

Hey, it’s Shaun, I’m the consultant, the guy who’s name is in the logo.

I know, I know, another guy with a website that’s his name, that’s a consultant.

I also realize that the average author consulting website always delivers a boring value proposition in a serious business tone like this…

“We provide author consulting services from print to publish” However, the conversion rates for a headline like this were horrible.”

Do you know what else I learned in split-testing headlines?

That when I talk about myself, my CTR drops by half.

When you’re getting a 5% CTR on a Facebook campaign for example and it drops down by half, like this, I start getting uncomfortable…

I don’t like to go lower than a 2% CTR on Facebook because it affects my relevancy score which causes my CPC to increase, ad costs go up, less people click, and no one buys your book.

Oops! I get carried away with this PPC stuff sometimes. Where were we?

Ah yes! The conversion rates are horrible when I start talking about myself. Therefore, let’s talk about YOU instead.

You May Already Be A Success

You may already be an Authorpreneur, or influencer, speaker…

You may have been traditionally published, or not…

You might be on Amazon, iBooks, or Barnes and Noble…

Or maybe you’ve used a service like Draft2Digital to help get your book to market but you still need support because it’s too much work…

After all your busy doing the important work like writing, running your business, or changing the world, right?

Or you might have spent time building your author platform through your blog, or you post on Twitter, or you’ve done Facebook marketing…

You might be the cancer curing, super vet, and industry influencer author ( an actual client of mine ) but instead of looking like Dr. Mary Johnson, DVM, world changer online, you look like Dr. Seuss.

Ultimately you have a message to share but your author platform hasn’t grown…

And your books haven’t sold…

Maybe you realize you need catered 1 on 1 support and that’s why you are here reading this right now.

You may have spent money on publishing services, companies, agencies, and author consultants, and they left you hanging…

Why didn’t they work?

Those consultants confuse you, they use fear and fancy statements like “you gotta improve your ABSR, or book rank grade on Amazon, and tell you that you can’t research profitable categories for your book, find new audiences, or improve Amazon Rank on your own.

It’s all too confusing, right?

There are so many author consultants with the fancy lingo with so many strategies and book selling tactics

The real question is…how do you sell more books online?

By taking what you already know, and what you’ve written about, and putting it in front of as many people in your audience as possible…

A Real World Example Of What You Can Do

Let’s look at building your author platform around your book, or content by using Facebook marketing, for example.

The cost of getting on your prospective audiences timelines is increasing, CPM ( the cost of people seeing the content you share on Facebook ) has increased by 171%, and CPC ( how much it costs to get people over to your website ) has increased by 130%.

However, if you have knowledge of your industry, or book topic, sharing that on Facebook, or even using some basic SEO tactics to write blogs can go a long way.

Here’s some tactics that you can utilize here.

Let’s talk about my wife and I’s yoga popup business and how we got 823 customer leads online on Facebook in just 2 months and this was from complete obscurity.

We spent $5,117.26 on Ads.

We generated 823 Prospective Customer Leads.

2,588 Fans

The Tactics I Used

There are many tactics that I utilized to do this, however, what I’ve noticed in this example, and seeing other clients generate customers over the last decade, they all leverage these 3 things:

  • They built a product launch strategy
  • They built an audience, either through an email list or on a platform
  • They built a path to success for their customers with the knowledge they share;

As you can see above, I have a passion for working with small businesses, just like you.

I excel at building author platforms, like above, on social media like Facebook…

Or increasing visibility, and sales of your books on Amazon…

I’ve had the opportunity because of this to work with some household brands, and 100’s of clients, and authorpreneurs like you, over the last decade.

If you are interested in working with me, so you can find out how you might be able to leverage an Amazon strategy to sell more books or to leverage your platform as an authorpreneur on Facebook, through SEO, or a content marketing strategy like this, this is how you can get started.

Step One

Just A Quick Little Survey

Click here. I’ve got a few questions I’d like to ask you to understand where you are, so I can understand where you are in your process.

Are you currently published anywhere?

Are you published on Amazon?

Are you a fiction or non-fiction author?

Are you selling books?

Basic stuff like that.

Takes a minute to fill out.

Step Two

What Do I Gotta Do Next?

Please answer the questionnaire truthfully because if not, my analysis of your business might be off which means we might not be able to figure out how many monthly leads we can acquire.

Your initial call will be between 30 and 45 minutes. This is where we really begin working to figure out exactly what you need, and how to make it happen.

If everything works out, and we are in alignment, hopefully I can take you on as a client.

Even if it doesn’t work out, you should have some insights in just speaking with us.


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