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5 Mindset Hacks To Go From Writer To Entrepreneur
Are you generating leads for your business with your nonfiction book?Or are readers reading one novel and also buying the[...]
6 Ways To Use Storytelling To Market Your Non-Fiction Book
What's the difference between a memorable versus a not so memorable non-fiction book? A memorable non-fiction book always tells a[...]
3 Ways To Use Amazon Advertising To Sell Your Books
If you aren't familiar with Amazon Advertising, and you are an author, it's about time you did. I remember over[...]
A 4 Step Process To Get Legitimate Book Reviews On Amazon
If you are a new author, or a known author, the biggest challenge of course is finding reviewers before you[...]
3 Ways To Rank Your Book On Amazon To Sell More
How can you sell more books on Amazon? Are you familiar with Amazon Rank and how it works? If you[...]
Step-By Step Guide: 5 Tips To Choosing A Bestselling Book Category On Amazon
Wondering why you are ranked in the top 100 in your category on Amazon but you barely make enough extra[...]
5 Steps To Develop A Bestselling Book Cover Design
What makes a great book design cover? Better yet, what makes a cover that makes a bestseller? Don't get me[...]
4 Tips For Writing A Killer Book Description That Sells On Amazon
We've all heard the quote "you can't judge a book by it's cover" when talking about judging people based on[...]
#1 On Amazon: A Book Selling Guide For Kindle Direct Publishing
If you are an author, consultant, or entrepreneur who's published, or thinking about publishing a book then you should consider[...]
Simple Guide To Use Chatbots To Sell Your Book, Course, Or Product
First off, what is a Chatbot? How's it going to help you sell a book, your course, or improve your[...]
Stop Chasing NYT’s Bestseller List – Do This Instead
Did you know bestseller lists aren't based from sales? Did you know chasing these lists isn't the best idea for[...]
A Step-By-Step Guide To Create Landing Pages That Sell
Before the time of the internet, Circa 1980's, the upfront investment for a company to launch a product or service[...]
4 Step Launch Process To Create Your Profitable Online Course
The first experience I had with launching a course was with my wife, Lorrie. We developed a yoga course for[...]
Facebook Ad Costs Increasing In 2017 Overview [ INFOGRAPHIC ]
According to Adstage's report on the state of Facebook ad costs "Report - Facebook CPMs Increase 171% In 2017" after[...]
6 Content Marketing Trends To Consider For Small Business In 2018
We just headed into the New Year and I'm already thinking about strategies for 2018... Have you been thinking about[...]

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