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How To Do What The Bestselling Self Published Authors Do And Be Successful
Developing a self publishing model that works is important to be successful. Think about the Wright Brothers for a minute.[...]
How To Self Publish And Sell Your Book To Your Competitors Readers Through Amazon Publishing
In this video I'm talking about how you can self publish and sell your book to readers from competitor authors...[...]
How Long Does It Take To Write, Self Publish, and Create A Bestselling Book On Amazon?
Stephen King world renowned fiction writer said that it shouldn’t take no more then 90 days for the first draft[...]
How To Build Your Author Platform Online Through Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing
How do you build your author platform on Amazon and beyond... The key is keeping the book sales coming in,[...]
1 Uncommon Book Marketing And Promotion Tip ( I used to become a bestseller )
This uncommon book marketing tip is how some of my top clients who are the top non-fiction authors in the[...]
3 Things No One Tells You About Becoming A Self-Published Author
After you wrote your first book... If you've ever thought... "I wish I knew this or had access to ([...]
Eps #2 Kare Anderson: How To Be An Opportunity Maker and Live The Life
Has there ever been an opportunity that has passed you by? Or maybe you didn't notice an opportunity until it[...]
Eps #1 Dorie Clark: How To Develop Content Rapidly That Gets Published
2:15 How you can shave hours off writing your book, or content like blog posts?2:55 How to breakthrough the 3[...]
3 Ways To Gain Visibility By Being Quoted By Other Authors
Have you thought about the idea of being more quotable in your books, speaking, and in the messages that you[...]
Q&A: Promote Your Book By Getting Featured In Well Known Publications
How Do I Get My Book Featured? One big question that always comes up in my conversations with authors about[...]
5 Mindset Hacks To Go From Writer To Entrepreneur
Are you generating leads for your business with your nonfiction book? Or are readers reading one novel and also buying[...]
6 Ways To Use Storytelling To Market Your Non-Fiction Book
What's the difference between a memorable versus a not so memorable non-fiction book? A memorable non-fiction book always tells a[...]
3 Ways To Use Amazon Advertising To Sell Your Books
If you aren't familiar with Amazon Advertising, and you are an author, it's about time you did. I remember over[...]
A 4 Step Process To Get Legitimate Book Reviews On Amazon
If you are a new author, or a known author, the biggest challenge of course is finding reviewers before you[...]
3 Ways To Rank Your Book On Amazon To Sell More
How can you sell more books on Amazon? Are you familiar with Amazon Rank and how it works? If you[...]
Step-By Step Guide: 5 Tips To Choosing A Bestselling Book Category On Amazon
Wondering why you are ranked in the top 100 in your category on Amazon but you barely make enough extra[...]
5 Steps To Develop A Bestselling Book Cover Design
What makes a great book design cover? Better yet, what makes a cover that makes a bestseller? Don't get me[...]
4 Tips For Writing A Killer Book Description That Sells On Amazon
We've all heard the quote "you can't judge a book by it's cover" when talking about judging people based on[...]
#1 On Amazon: A Book Selling Guide For Kindle Direct Publishing
If you are an author, consultant, or entrepreneur who's published, or thinking about publishing a book then you should consider[...]
Simple Guide To Use Chatbots To Sell Your Book, Course, Or Product
First off, what is a Chatbot? How's it going to help you sell a book, your course, or improve your[...]
Stop Chasing NYT’s Bestseller List – Do This Instead
Did you know bestseller lists aren't based from sales? Did you know chasing these lists isn't the best idea for[...]
A Step-By-Step Guide To Create Landing Pages That Sell
Before the time of the internet, Circa 1980's, the upfront investment for a company to launch a product or service[...]
4 Step Launch Process To Create Your Profitable Online Course
The first experience I had with launching a course was with my wife, Lorrie. We developed a yoga course for[...]
Facebook Ad Costs Increasing In 2017 Overview [ INFOGRAPHIC ]
According to Adstage's report on the state of Facebook ad costs "Report - Facebook CPMs Increase 171% In 2017" after[...]
6 Content Marketing Trends To Consider For Small Business In 2018
We just headed into the New Year and I'm already thinking about strategies for 2018... Have you been thinking about[...]

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