Facebook Ad Costs Increasing In 2017 Overview [ INFOGRAPHIC ]

According to Adstage’s report on the state of Facebook ad costs “Report – Facebook CPMs Increase 171% In 2017” after analyzing 8.8 Billion Ad Impressions on Facebook it’s clear that Facebook ads for both clicks and impressions ( getting in front of prospects ).

Considering that 73% of businesses online marketing budgets are going to be spent there in 2017, and beyond you need to know by how much, and where.

Here are the key takeaways of Adstage’s report in this infographic:

  • 1. Small and mid-size brands are flocking to advertise on Facebook;
  • 2. As a result, Facebook’s CPMs & CPCs are rising fast;
  • 3. Advertisers aren’t afraid to increase budgets even as the auction gets more expensive