Eps #2 Kare Anderson: How To Be An Opportunity Maker and Live The Life

Has there ever been an opportunity that has passed you by? Or maybe you didn’t notice an opportunity until it was too late. 

Maybe, as an example, you put your foot in your mouth and said something to someone that offended them…

Let’s be honest, we’ve all done it right?

Maybe inserting your foot into mouth caused that opportunity, with that person or organization to go away. 

Lost Opportunities

If you’ve lost opportunities before then my podcast interview “How To Be An Opportunity Maker and Live The Life” with Kare Anderson is going to give you some insights on how you can be open to all opportunities.

Kare is an Emmy-winning former NBC and Wall Street Journal reporter, author, and columnist for Forbes. 

According to Psychology Today, people fear death more than they fear public speaking.”

– Psychology Today

For Kare, growing up she was mortally shy which caused her to stutter when you spoke.

From Kare’s shyness emerged a fascination with observing others. 

Two Types Of People

She noticed in observing others that there are generally two types of people, those who talk about themselves and those who have what Kare calls a mutuality mindset.

Where these people use words like “We” versus “I” and bring those with unique talents together to achieve a goal.”

Kare calls these people the Opportunity Makers, and they all share this Mutuality Mindset.

Kare also noticed from colleagues, and mentors she respected that they too were Opportunity Makers who achieved the life they wanted by practicing a mindset of mutuality. 

Kare realized that this would be her path.

Be An Opportunity Maker

That she would make it her life’s mission to be an opportunity maker and be open to those who could benefit from being connected with her, and vice versa. 

So, the question is how can you start living the life that you want by becoming an Opportunity Maker like Kare, the mentors, and colleagues that she observed?”

Books And Resources Mentioned