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"if you, too, want to have a best seller via Amazon, I recommend reading his book.”

— Kare Anderson, Author and Former Emmy Award Winning NBC & Wall Street Journal Reporter

"Shaun Hibbs has written a very useful book full of tips on how to get your self published book to be a consistent best seller.”

— Linda Lindquist, Author Consultant to Fortune 100 Companies

I've Helped Authors And Publishers
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I'm helping Richard and Kimmy Brooke, renowned network marketing trainers, make a killing on Amazon with their bestselling books "The Four Year Career" and "Mach2."


I helped fictional author, James Musgrave re-invigorate his Amazon book marketing strategy with his book "Chinawoman's Chance."

Shaun’s method of setting up an eBook campaign using a variety of the latest promotional and review-hunting tools, gave this author time to concentrate of the writing end of things. I look forward to my Amazon campaigns now"

James MusgraveAmerican Author Association featured author


I helped customers in Newfoundland, Canada test drive, experience, and buy the ultimate driving machine...with some help from Google...


I showed Juara Skincare, NYC where they were losing money on their eCommerce site so more people could enjoy their  wonderful organic skincare products...

I started working with Shaun as a marketing consultant then partner - he helped me publish and launch a profitable eLearning course, he simplifies things so even a novice like me could understand, I highly recommend shaun to those look to publish online..."

Lorrie McLachlan,  Above and Beyond Trauma


Showed Raindesign how they could sell their beautiful apple accessories more effectively through social media...


Helped Newfoundlanders search and find the perfect SUV online so they could play and work a little harder...

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